ESTIMATING - sound files

Given below are links to some sound files that deal with the art of estimating.  The files are recorded in a compressed format that only uses 1k per second.  A 5 minute clip is therefore around 300k.  This means that, even if you aren't on Broadband, you shouldn't have to wait too long before hearing my words of wisdom.

The sound quality is adequate but low fi.  There's rather a lot of sybillance, which makes me sound like Hissing Sid from Jungle Book and a background hum caused by poor screening in my machine.  (You might like to turn off any woofing equipment you might have because of this.)  When you click on a link the file should open in whichever media player you normally use. 

Enjoy your lectures.........

Analytical estimating

Approximate estimating

Approximate quantities

Builders quants

Cube & storey enclosure

Elemental cost analyses

External and site works

Labour outputs

Measured work

Nett and gross pricing

Tendering objectives

Operational estimating


Plant all in rates


Pricing levels


Superficial estimating

Adjusting estimates for time and location

Traditional measurement process

Unit rates

ESTIMATING - Resubmission instructions for Measuring Tendering and Estimating Major Ass

Link to resubmission instructions for Major Assignment

Link to resubmission instructions for Short Assignment 3




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